Willy Crash… or won’t he? Willy’s fate as a stuntman is up to you!

Help Willy become the world’s greatest stuntman. Launch him out of a cannon and aim for the tops of buildings to score big. Miss and he will hilariously crash into a number of cringe-worthy, interactive obstacles. Play the FREE app version of the arcade game and start the fun today!

The more accurate your aim, the more coins you earn. Cash in your coins on unique outfits for Willy that increase stamina and keep him safer, longer. Choose from fun themes and make Willy look like a roughed-up royal, a crushed caveman, or a bruised biker. If the doctor tells him that he needs to rest, cash in your Stunt Bucks for medicine to get Willy back in the cannon faster!

  • Have a blast with the app version of the popular arcade game
  • Simple, addictive game-play
  • Earn coins to buy funny outfits and increase your protection level, lengthening game-play
  • Comedic crashing makes losing fun!

Can losing be as much fun as winning? It just might be with Willy Crash!

Willy Crash