By: Ryan Cravens & Phil Marzullo, GamerGreen

Originally founded by Philip Marzullo and now part of The Village, GamerGreen (GG) is an open platform loyalty technology that offers consumers a physical-to-digital connection that enhances their experience within a traditional brick and mortar.  The negative impact digital giants like Amazon are having on brick and mortars has been devastating across the country and most of the world.  Having the ability to bridge the gap between physical and digital, driving more and continued traffic to brick and mortars, while also enhancing the consumer experience is a major opportunity for GamerGreen and The Village.

Having been started in, and with their heart and soul in the amusement industry, GG offers the potential to drive redemption revenue streams to more locations than just the traditional Family Entertainment Center (FEC).  With the ability to connect a physical game to a digital currency (G-Tickets) through the GG app, current locations and creative entrepreneurs now have the ability to rethink what was once impossible. With GG, any type of location can now have as little as one game to be able to provide their customers an FEC style experience without the cost or hassle of having a prize counter. Today a player can either enter a variable data code, scan a GG Evolve receipt or simply scan their GG Amusement Connect player card and all of the tickets earned will be placed in their digital GG wallet. To keep players engaged while away from a physical game, GG also has imbedded a digital version of Piano Keys within the app that players can play for free while continuing to earn G-Tickets. With nearly 700 continuously updated prizes in the store, players can select from traditional prize counter items to consumer electronics, household goods, jewelry and even a trip to Las Vegas!



From its humble beginnings in bulk heads and claw machines, the platform continues to grow and diversify, and it is not only the operators that see the benefit from GG. Restaurants that have a Mini FEC (a small footprint stand-alone game room) placed next to it are seeing large increases in their daily revenues. For example, the Figaro’s Pizza restaurant next to the 10X Game Room powered by GamerGreen is seeing increases of 25% due to the increased traffic that the attraction brings. Many restaurant locations are working with operators to create Micro FEC’s (small game rooms that are located inside an existing business). GG also leverages its player community by marketing to them and promoting restaurant specials, game spotlights and more.

One of the most compelling aspects of GG is its organically growing community. The players are much more than just customers and they participate in social good campaigns like #GGShareTheLove and #GGStopsBullying. “The GamerGreen message is pretty simple; be the best you that you can be, be good to one another and have fun. It’s amazing to see the thousands of videos on YouTube of people living the GamerGreen values.  We have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many people’s lives” said Philip Marzullo.

There are over 9,000 GamerGreen locations across the United States that allows players to earn G-Tickets by playing claw machines, redemption games and bulk vendors. There are nearly 500,000 players in the GG community and they have redeemed over 1 Billion G-Tickets to win over 44,000 prizes that were shipped to their front door.

GamerGreen will have a presence at the IAAPA 2018 show and will be located in the Bay Tek Entertainment booth #1015. For more information contact us at or visit