By: Anna Heck
At Bay Tek Games you will find passion, fun and loyalty to our families, friends and workplace. It’s known that customer loyalty is critical to profitability and growth. So how do you create that baseline of emotional and brand loyalty at your location?
First point of contact:
Whether it’s over the phone or in person, the first conversation with your guest is the best time to ask about your loyalty program. And how you ask that question can make a big difference.
  • Do you have any rewards to redeem with us today?
    • This gives your guest the opportunity to start receiving the rewards on the first visit or redeem what they currently have.
  • Are you a member of our reward program?
    • If they say yes, this gives you the opportunity to welcome them back and see if they want to redeem today. If they say no, you now have the opportunity to invite them to join and pitch your program.
Make the process easy:
If the sign-up process sounds complicated, the customer will pass. Let’s remember we are in the business of creating memories. The guest is at your location to have FUN! Get them on their way in three easy steps.
  • First and last name
  • Email address / verify email address
  • Zip code
Upon sign-up, offer a reward instantly, like a free soft drink or a reward to use on their next visit to your location. This will make the process easy and offers an incentive instantly.
Train employees to promote your reward program:
Training your front-line staff on all aspects of your loyalty program is a must. If they can’t explain it to you how can they explain it to your guest? Is your staff ready and do they have the tools?
  • What is our loyalty program’s reward structure?
  • When onboarding your staff, do you have a script for your reward program? Make it fun and role play with your staff.
  • How do you plan to overcome customer objections in the first conversation?
By training your staff on your reward program you will give them confidence, motivation and empower them with the tools needed promote and enroll guests!
Reward employees:
With your staff fully trained, create a loyalty program for employees! Develop a program that fits your business needs. This will help to reduce turnover, spread goodwill and increase productivity.
  • Set goals: create milestones for your staff to achieve
  • Track success: make it FUN
  • Reward trained staff: monthly, quarterly, yearly
Making sure everyone can contribute to your company’s success by turning your staff into loyalty program specialists!