“Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive”

-Andy Grove

Rasmus Ankersen, author of Hunger In Paradise, is an expert on performance development. He is also a director of two European soccer clubs, both recognized for their use of data to drive decision-making. He is obsessed with what it takes to achieve true high performance. This is different than having a great year. In fact, Ankersen would purport that having a great year can be the enemy of discovering high-performance as we are prone to believe that a great result in and of itself must be because of the decisions ‘we’ made along the way.  True high-performance, according to Ankersen, is sustainable because of a consistent need and willingness to dig deep to understand the why behind the success- not just accept and celebrate it.

To learn more about how to create high performance, watch Rasmus Ankersen’s TED Talk: