By: Lance Treankler, Bay Tek Entertainment

Sending our games to difference regions of the world can take up to several months at a time. Which is why it’s  especially imperative that quality and serviceability are at the top of the list when it comes to importance. Our games leave our warehouse and are handled by our expert shipping department, then travel by rail to either a landing spot where they are shipped via container shipment that goes onto a boat. These games then get offloaded and are transferred to the customer. This process takes time and incorporate many touch-points along the way until our customers finally receive the games. This journey can take a toll and it is a big reason as to why quality is so important. Our customers expect our games to run properly as soon as they’re plugged in, and if there are issues – it’s vital that we help address them as quickly as possible. The shipment times and language barriers make it especially critical that our games are working correctly and are easy to understand.

Bay Tek meets with our international customers to discuss any spare parts they may want within the containers they purchase. This allows them to have some regular, wear-and-tear parts on-hand so if an issue were to occur, they won’t have to wait weeks to get the parts. Our service team does a great job when it comes to making sure our customers are taken care of; all in an effort to limit any game downtime to keep them running smoothly. This includes getting parts – that weren’t shipped originally as a preventative measure – mailed out as quickly as possible to the customer to save time.

We do not take the investment our customers make into our games lightly, especially in regards to international customers who have to take on extra shipping costs and lead times. When it comes to the demands of the international customer, Bay-Tek has put together a great group of customer service team members who are dedicated to support this market. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for our international customers and will continue to do so for years to come.