By: Mark Lenske, International Sales Manager, Bay Tek Entertainment

Do you or your company participate in Giving Back???

Giving back what and to whom, you may ask.  It could be:  Giving back of your time, talents, volunteering, supporting a national cause, local events, schools, church, food pantry, soup kitchens, fundraisers, kids’ charities, etc.

The list can go on and on are there are so many people in need.

Bay Tek Entertainment has a strong history and desire to give back to many worthwhile causes, but we have made a significant commitment to give back to the Community where we live and work.  Bay Tek chooses to Give Back financially through sharing a portion of our profits  and  giving back with our time and talents which we will be doing this coming Thursday as we participate in a Community Give Back Day. 

I’m very excited to be a part of this event as we will be breaking our employees into groups and sending them to different parts of the community to help do many different tasks whether it be food service or outside maintenance.  The fall season is upon us and winter is coming very soon and there is a lot to do to help those in need.   “Many hands make light work,” as the saying goes.

Any little bit helps and at the end, it feels great knowing that you did something positive.

Giving Back can happen anywhere.  Earlier this year, I heard that one of our valued distributors, Amusement Services International from the UAE, sponsored a Giving for a Cause event when they distributed meal packages and self-care gift packs to over 500 residents of a needy community and had a bunch of fun doing it.  This is what Giving Back is all about.



Whether you have time or talent or both, be sure to share them with others in need.

Lead by example and schedule a day or half day helping others where you live.

Remember to bring along family, friends, co-workers and especially our youth to experience what giving is all about and have FUN doing it.