By: Gina Angeli
Definition of crucible:
: a severe test .
: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development
                                    – Miriam Webster’s Dictionary
We, in the Village, have the tremendous opportunity to share and learn about leadership together at Jump Start! This is a monthly gathering of people from across all of our companies who want to be more purposeful and impactful in their personal and professional lives. People from all areas of the companies are invited not just the “formal” leaders. This is important as we are all part of the mission.
Recently, we invited Pastor Troy Murphy from a local church to speak to our Village family at Jump Start! He relayed his journey to becoming who he is and the importance of the challenges he faced in shaping him as a man, husband, father, son, pastor, community leader. In each challenge, there is a lesson and opportunity if we are willing to see it.
Pastor Troy describes three powerful benefits of being able to truly overcome the challenges. We gain confidence and are able to make better decisions. We get to develop and solidify personal relationships with people where we can be invested in each other’s personal and professional success. Finally, we get to move along in the journey to be our best selves.
Unfortunately, the “normal” response to a significant life challenge is not “YES!” It often takes a while to get to that as we work through the fear that is naturally present. This is true as we face our own challenges as well as, if not more so, when we watch those we love face their own. We want to protect those we love from the pain that comes with the fear. What Pastor Troy shares is that, when we do that, we rob those we love of the opportunity to gain all the benefits that come from the discovery of working through the challenge.
We all have our own Leadership Crucible; we just need to be willing to explore and embrace it, not run from and deny it. This will allow us to grow and reap the benefits so that we can ultimately impact and serve those around us. This is our mission.
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