By: Gina Angeli
Everything worthwhile is uphill.
 -John C. Maxwell                                
The Village of companies that Bay Tek Games belongs to was built on and will continue to grow on the foundation of a dream. The dream to provide opportunity for our family members, our customers and our community fuels the willingness to work hard, make tough decisions and take risk. As true as this is, it is still easy to get caught in the routine of fighting fires and getting “the beer out the door.” It is in these times that our commitment to our Values must serve as the guide to where we focus our energies.
We are blessed, in our Village, to have Values that are real – principles that we strive to live every day, even when it is tough. One of those values is Leadership. This week we will join together as a Village to learn together, to be stronger leaders together and to continue on our journeys to be the best versions of ourselves together at the Global Leadership Summit presented by Willow Creek Church. We have made this commitment as we believe that by doing this we will be better able to serve all of those that are important to us.
John C. Maxwell, one of the world’s most influential leadership experts, states that “people have uphill hopes and downhill habits.” Unless we choose to make our actions intentional, we accept our lives as they are and eventually the path leads downhill. The commitment to our leaders growing together at the Global Leadership Summit is one thing we are choosing to do to continue to keep the dream alive. Our challenge to you is – what is yours?
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