According to Harvard Business Review, connecting with people is more difficult as we become more global and more remote in our workplace structure. Walking around the office and connecting with people is no longer an option for many leaders.

Microsoft has been working to bridge this gap by using digital tools. Below are some of the strategies:


  1. Enterprise-Level Social Networking: Networking services like Yammer to connect and engage with employees, listening to and learning what’s on their minds. Microsoft offers a “CEO Connection” page where folks can post questions and connect with other on a wide variety of topics.
  2. Daily Pulse Checks: Every day, a small sample of Microsoft employees received a survey called Daily Pulse, driven by the HR department. It takes a snapshot of how employees are feeling about the company, its culture, and other timely topics. Examples of questions include:
    1. “In what ways do you think Microsoft is different today than it was one year ago?”
    2. “What is the biggest change you’d recommend your leadership make to allow you to be more effective in your job?”
  3. Monthly Live Events: Every month, Microsoft holds an employee town hall meeting where various topics are discussed in an open forum. It’s broadcast live for employees around the globe and on-demand for others in various time zones.
  4. “Growth Mindset in Action” Video Series: They host a video series spotlighting individuals and teams that are embracing a growth mindset (think “learn-it-alls” versus “know-it-alls).