By: Phil Marzullo, GamerGreen


A couple things that seem to be constant: things change and time flies.


It’s really amazing to just look back at the amount of change in just the last 20 years… And 20 years sounds like ages ago until you realize things like the “Whasssssssssup” Budweiser commercial and social media pioneer MySpace both debuted in 1999! And to put technology into perspective, the iPhone came out just 12 years ago in 2007. The number of things that have changed since the advent of the smartphone is monumental; from the way we get a cab, order food, watch “tv”, listen to music, maintain our health, shop and even drive…it’s almost unbelievable.


As we take a good hard look at the amusement industry, and specifically the redemption aspect, it really hasn’t changed much at all. Sure, the games have evolved, and payment solutions innovated but the actual experience for the player has been the same since the Titanic launched (and I’m not talking about the one with Leonardo DiCaprio). It’s the same old story…play games, win tickets, get your spider ring, and get the heck outta there. The redemption process was founded on a closed-loop philosophy that creates a one and done mentality, rather than encouraging the continuation of game play and creating a superior redemption experience.


In our connected world today, consumers are thirsty for more technology and better experiences. The Harris Group recently released a study that found 72% of millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than on material items. Certainly, the introduction of augmented & virtual reality games into our industry is proving the consumer a mentality shift, but this philosophy needs to be carried through the entire ticket redemption experience.


GamerGreen was founded on the belief that the traditional way of being rewarded for playing games does not provide the best experience. By creating an open platform for consumers to earn a single currency, it encourages them to go out and seek opportunities to play (spend!) more frequently and bank for prizes of value from existing redemption games and merchandisers through a seamless mobile-app experience.  Prizes that make them proud, prizes they can (and do) gift, prizes with value that don’t break once they’re in the car, prizes that deliver that superior experience and keeps them wanting more.


Today, GamerGreen is available for bulk and merchandisers from A&A Global, and redemption game integrations include Deltronics and Amusement Connect. Come see us at IAPPA in Bay Tek’s booth #1015 or learn more at